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Rebirth Jewelry

Money Spell Necklace

Money Spell Necklace

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Designed to harness the metaphysical powers of Citrine, Pyrite, and Green Aventurine for a powerful money spell. Citrine, associated with abundance, joins forces with Pyrite, known for attracting prosperity, and Green Aventurine, a crystal of courage and good luck. Wear this necklace when you're seeking financial abundance, letting the combined energies of these crystals work in harmony to invite prosperity into your life. Elevate your intentions and embrace the potential for positive financial energies.
  • Crystals: Citrine, Pyrite and Green Aventurine*
  • Necklace Length: ~18.25 inches

*Pieces may slightly vary in size and color because crystals are a natural, organic matter and are not uniform

Rebirth Jewelry does not sell any crystals/ and or jewelry that helps and/ or heals any sort of health problems. If you are interested in crystals and their metaphysical properties, please do your own research and shop accordingly. 

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