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Rebirth Jewelry

Luna and Estrella Earrings

Luna and Estrella Earrings

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The most enchanting of companions are the moon and stars. Whether the night sky gleams with brilliance or hides behind a veil of clouds, the steadfast moon and its celestial companions remain ever-present, unwavering in their fidelity. Across centuries, these luminous beings have served as our guides, directing our journeys, granting us glimpses into the vast galaxy, and banishing the shroud of darkness from our nights.

Adorn yourself with these exquisite asymmetrical earrings, designed for a feather-light and versatile everyday ensemble. Available in both resplendent Gold and elegant Silver options.

  • Material: Gold and Silver Plated Alloy, Nickel free
  • Dimensions: ~1.5 inches long
  • Weight: 0.2 oz/ pair
  • Handmade


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