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Rebirth Jewelry

Moonstone Adjustable Ring

Moonstone Adjustable Ring

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This adjustable Moonstone rings offer both quality and elegance, boasting a delicate yet mesmerizing blue flash. Elevate your look with the subtle beauty of these rings, effortlessly enhancing your style with a touch of celestial charm.
Crafted from silver-plated copper, these rings are not only stunning but also exceptionally skin-friendly. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring a comfortable and safe wearing experience for all.
  • Stone: Moonstone*
  • Material: Silver plated Copper
  • Size: Adjustable, one size fits most

*Pieces may slightly vary in size and color because crystals are a natural, organic matter and are not uniform

Rebirth Jewelry does not sell any crystals/ and or jewelry that helps and/ or heals any sort of health problems. If you are interested in crystals and their metaphysical properties, please do your own research and shop accordingly. 

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