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Rebirth Jewelry

Nightfall Moonstone Moth Earrings

Nightfall Moonstone Moth Earrings

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Luna Moths are attracted to the moon as their main source of light, which is where they get their name. Luna Moths are large and green with a long tail on each hindwing.

In spiritual terms, moths symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. Luna Moths gravitate towards brightness while in the darkness of the night. Moths can always find the light or good in life. They are also thought to be have heightened awareness and strive towards truth.

Moonstone is believed to enhance intuition and psychic abilities. Moonstone is associated with the moon and feminine energy. Some people also believe that it brings protection and abundance while working on manifestations. 

  • Crystal: Moonstone*
  • Material: Gold or Silver Plated Zinc Alloy
  • Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free
  • About ~4.3 inches long
  • 0.2 oz/ earring or 0.4 oz/ pair

*Pieces may slightly vary in size and color because crystals are a natural, organic matter and are not uniform

Rebirth Jewelry does not sell any crystals/ and or jewelry that helps and/ or heals any sort of health problems. If you are interested in crystals and their metaphysical properties, please do your own research and shop accordingly. 


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