Whether you are looking for jewelry with a spiritual twist or need to switch up your look with some one of a kind pieces, Rebirth Jewelry is here for you!

Rebirth Jewelry is a small, woman owned business that is operating out of Illinois in the United States. 


We support intersectional feminism, #BlackLivesMatter, the LGBTQIA+ community and believe in climate change. 

Rebirth Jewelry pledges to minimize their waste as much as possible. Most shipping materials are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Rebirth Jewelry does not sell any crystals/ and or jewelry that helps and/ or heals any sort of health problems. If you are interested in crystals and their metaphysical properties, please do your own research and shop accordingly. 

Products and Pieces

Rebirth Jewelry works with several manufacturers around the world to curate pieces for their boutique inspired jewelry business. We are dedicated to finding jewelry that is one of a kind and that carries spiritual meaning and intention. Rebirth Jewelry works with ethical manufacturers that treat their workers well. Pieces that are handmade by owner are described as so in the description page.